Nick Steadman

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Nick Steadman an entrepreneur and brand strategist.

Nick’s journey is a little different than most. He started things off at a good pace by joining a Navy program at age 15 and then accidentally graduating boot camp at the top of his class. After making grand plans of becoming a Navy SEAL and soon realizing he wanted to keep racing as a competitive swimmer, Nick began studying communications and the nuances of brand marketing. Fast forward quite a few years and through a whole lot of hustle and a large stack of projects, Nick is now an accomplished marketer, brand strategist, designer, founder, mentor and maker.

After years of working in-house on marketing teams at tech startups, he discovered the surprisingly exhilarating world of working with disruptive growth-phase tech startups across the globe. 

Inspired to showcase powerful human stories, Nick later founded Rideout Talent, a social-first personal branding agency for influencers, athletes, and creatives. A fan of authentic emotion and character-driven stories, Nick has found meaningful human connection to be the continual thread that intertwines his professional career and the projects he choses to invest in. 

In addition to advising marketing professionals as an Everwise mentor in his spare time, Nick is a frequent speaker at universities on relevant topics such as modern marketing, personal branding, design thinking, and building a culture of innovation.