Nick Steadman



Web & Digital Strategy


Gravity has gone from a audacious dream to a patent pending technology powering the world's first iron man jet suit, all in less than 12 months. Focused on augmenting the human body with technology, Gravity is disrupting the aviation industry with a relentless pace of true innovation.


They asked me to help lead their digital strategy and oversee the creation of their next brand website to further their vision of building an entirely new generation of human flight systems for commercial and entertainment applications.


Sir Richard Browning

Founder & Chief Pilot, gravity

"One day you’ll literally be able to walk around in your garden, take off, fly about, then come down low and land."

Gravity 2 copy.jpg

Red Bull


Branding & Web Design


Red Bull approached me with the idea to lead the global redesign of the Red Bull Air Force brand identity and website. I collaborating with their incredible team at their Santa Monica headquarters and with their aerial pilots nationwide, resulting in a newly designed website and content hub that reflects the modern direction for the innovative lifestyle brand. 


Mark Nechi

Manager Red Bull Airforce

"We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Nick on the rebrand of our Red Bull Air Force team. His ability to create powerful and engaging digital experiences is critical to maintaining our leadership position in the action sports market."


Jon Devore

Captain Red Bull Airforce

"We set out to find a partner that would dramatically elevate our brand experience and take us to the next level. We chose Nick as his work connects with people and inspires them to rethink what is possible."


Marketing Strategy
& Brand Development


Something altogether new, Huma is an AI-enabled product design platform that helps everyone quickly and collaboratively create new apps. It is a tool that takes ideas from concept to reality with live data in seconds through natural language & voice commands.


I was brought on to assist the CEO & CTO (brilliant early developers of Siri) by laying the marketing strategy foundation and building the company positioning/messaging, brand strategy, content strategy, product marketing strategy, and investor pitch.


Greg Kostello

Founder & CEO

"Incredibly smart and creative, Nick has an amazing knack for taking in a lot of technical and product jargon and turning it into the essence of what your company is trying to communicate to its customers. You will be amazed at how effective Nick can be in a very short amount of time."


Rideout Talent


The Modern Personal
Branding Agency


My passion for showcasing inspiring human stories led me to found Rideout Talent, a social-first, personal branding agency for professional athletes, artists, and influencers.

We partner with individuals and talent management companies to refine their brand identity, build online presence, and boost perception to unlock monetization potential and partnerships with top brands.



Justin Burbage

Pro Skater


Kaitlin Sandeno

Olympic Swimmer

Fonseca copy.png

Chris Fonseca

Deaf Dancer


Eros Exarhou

Pro Surfer

Bartoletta copy.png

Tianna Bartoletta

Track & Field Olympian


Miles Daisher

BASE Jumper


Arnie Watkins

Pro Wakeboarder


Gab Scanu

Drone Photographer

Oxford Digital


Marketing Strategy
& Brand Management


Oxford Digital, a division of On Assignment, is a proactive consulting firm that focuses on meeting organizations’ growing demands to transform operations with modern digital marketing solutions.


Recruited and hired to build the marketing strategy. Managed all aspects of the brand and crafted full-spectrum sales collateral, long-form content, email marketing campaigns, branded video, event sponsorships & paid media.


Jose Maestas

Art Director Oxford

"The projects that Nick spearheaded had an immediate impact on the business and were managed exceptionally well. He is sought after on a regular basis for his ability to connect with our target demogarphic."


Alison Richmond

VP Marketing Oxford

"Nick is a talented marketing strategist focused on the digital landscape. He is thoughtful in his planning and execution of all projects and has an innate ability to connect business goals with customer insight to build targeted campaigns with immediate results."


Mallory Roseborough

Marketing Manager Oxford

"The work Nick produces is professional, clean-cut, relevant, and efficient. He's a total team player, innovative, and honest."

Oxford Digital 2.jpg



Digital Marketing
& Sales Operations


MobileCause is the leading web software for mobile fundraising and donor communication for nonprofits. Working with 30 of the top 100 nonprofits in the US, MobileCause empowers nonprofits to raise more money at a lower cost through social, web, app & mobile channels.


I was recruited to develop the inside sales team's playbooks and build prospecting sequences and scripts for each market segment & buyer persona. In-house integration admin for their sales automation stack, including Salesforce, Pardot, Outreach, ConnectAndSell & Qurious.


Michael DeMarco

Sales Director mobilecause

"Nick completely helped us revamp our systems and provided seamless workflows that allowed our sales team to use stronger tools to reach prospects and ultimately close more deals."


Tim Kane

SVP Sales Mobilecause

"Nick came in, took ownership, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Prospecting outreach doubled resulting in an incredible 75% prospect-response-rate, increasing the overall pipeline and working leads count. I highly recommend Nick."


Sheri Henderson

BUSINESS DEV mobilecause

"Continually educated in the ever changing sales automation systems introduced to MobileCause, Nick is kind, easy going and enjoyable to work with."



Brand Marketing &
Corporate Communications


OpenX is a global advertising technology company that powers the world's largest indepdent ad exchange and creates high-quality programmatic marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.


Recruited to develop corporate messaging and execute brand marketing campaigns and international events. Managed social, creative services, U.S. & EMEA web properties, video production, email campaigns, paid media, and U.S. marketing vendors. 


Andrea Cannistraci

Sr marketing manager openx

"One of Nick's strengths is his ability to communicate clearly with both creatives and non-creatives, making him an excellent project manager. Nick brings an enjoyable and contagious energy to our team. "


Shannon Woodley

Marketing Director openx

"I worked with Nick on numerous design, content development, and lead generation projects. His strong communication skills, collaborative working style, and levelheadedness in high pressure situations made him an invaluable resource for our team."


Joe Grabmeir

Marketing operations openx

"Nick has a strong work ethic, an approachable and inclusive style, and a great sense of humor. He thrives in a marketing department under constantly shifting leadership and direction."




Brand Strategy &
App User Acquisition


SpotMii is assembling the nation's largest network of independent fitness providers to help gym/studio owners and personal trainers get more customers, offer more services, and make more money.


Oversaw brand strategy development and led user acquisition efforts through influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations. 


CGC Apple Consultant Network


Marketing Strategy
& Brand Design


Apple's network of genius consultants for the home-user-market is one of the best kept secrets in IT support. I was approached to lead CGC's re-brand and direct their ongoing marketing programs & campaigns.  


Christopher Glenn

Owner, CGC

"Nick completely revolutionized my Apple consulting firm and conducted a full-on re-brand for my company. A thoughtful brand strategist, Nick adds a distinctly human touch to his work, which is rare in the modern tech landscape."

CGC 2.jpg

Flair Airlines


Marketing Strategy
& Web Design


I was immediately engaged when Drew shared his airline startup vision of "flying above, serving below." Creating a brand that helps others in meaningful ways is a joy. Led marketing strategy, brand design & investor pitch concepts. 


Drew Hacker

Manager, Delta Air Lines

"Nick stepped up and led the brand strategy for a start-up airline business plan, materializing engaging marketing materials and value proposition designs. Remarkable results aside, Nick carries himself with grace and humility."

Flair 2.jpg